Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mayor Lumarda is unopposed in 2016 for his 3rd term

The final list as recorded in the record book of COMELEC Inopacan

The incumbent municipal mayor, Loloy Lumarda, runs unopposed for his third term as mayor of Inopacan along with his vice mayor, Dodo Pua, who is also unopposed. They and the SM member candidates in their ticket filed their Certificates of Candidacy (COC) in the Commission on Election (COMELEC) office in Inopacan on October 14, 2015.
This probably is the first time in the history of Inopacan that a mayoral bet and his vice run unopposed in municipal election. 

Ex-mayor Al Lloren, who in previous elections ran as the contending mayoral bet of the Tingog Leytenhon political party, came last in the afternoon of October 16, 2015,  to file his COC as an independent candidate for Sangguniang Bayan member. Among those who are vying to become an SB Members are 3 more independent candidates: Anecito B. Perandos, Francisco P. Degorio, and Fernando B. Rulete.

Mayor Loloy Lumarda of Inopacan. Photo from mayor Lumarda's FB account
Jean Galo de los Santos runs for SB Member to continue the political legacy of her husband, the incumbent councilor and former town mayor Atty. Belo de los Santos. Micmic Buhi and Dodong Evangelista are not in the list this time.   

According to the Comelec's rule, though unopposed, mayor Lumarda and his vice mayor still need more than just one vote to be proclaimed winner. This means that the unopposed candidate still need to open one ballot box from one precinct before proclaiming the winner as the Comelec is required to have a record of votes for candidates even if unopposed. In previous elections where an automated system of voting was used, there was a need for votes to be opened from a whole polling precinct.

When the filing of COC in Comelec ended on October 16, 2015, the following is the final list of aspiring candidates for the upcoming May 09, 2016 local election in the municipality of Inopacan:

  • Silvestre Tilao Lumarda - Mayor (Liberal Party)
  • Rogelio Dotollo Pua, Jr. - Vice Mayor (Liberal Party)
  • Ariel Cristino Chiong - SB Member (Liberal Party)
  • Zenaida Galo de los Santos  - SB Member (Liberal Party)
  • Sabino Degracia Pua  - SB Member (Liberal Party)
  • Diosdado Piamonte Siao - SB Member (Liberal Party)
  • Alejandro Papas Villarubin - SB Member (Liberal Party)
  • Eufronio Bayhonan Manapsal - SB Member (Liberal Party)
  • Ernesto Bulacan Joseph - SB Member (Liberal Party)
  • Efren Lucero Sumabong - SB Member (Liberal Party)
  • Anecito Beltran Perandos - SB Member  (Independent)
  • Francisco Peras Degorio - SB Member  (Independent)
  • Fernando Bisnar Rulete - SB Member  (Independent)
  • Alfredo Delalamon - SB Member (Independent)

The record book of COMELEC Inopacan
Edgie with Maria Sarah Gonzaga-Lanugan and Elena Corcilles Inocente of Inopacan local COMELEC office.

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