Thursday, April 11, 2013

An Inopacnon as Vice-Governor of Leyte

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These are his concerns for Leyte and its people 

● Make the Provincial Government of Leyte 100% free from graft and corruption.

● Make tourism as key permanent feature in the economic development of Leyte. Tourist spots in Leyte must be made beautiful and attractive. Beach resorts and tourism-oriented business establishments must be granted, through legislation in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan tax incentives/exemptions to enable them to improve their facilities and expand their businesses.

● Invite outside businessmen and business establishments to invest in Leyte and give them tax incentives/exemptions to enable them to expand their businesses and thus hire more workers. This will reduce greatly the unemployment problem in Leyte.

● Work for reduction of electric rates for electric consumers in Leyte. This can be done by the Provincial Government of Leyte demanding from the Department of Energy and Energy Regulation Commission the implementation of special benefits to provinces hosting energy generating facilities under the Energy Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) and exempting electric cooperatives from local and national taxation.

● Establish livelihood programs. Those living in farming areas, as much as possible, be organized into agricultural cooperatives and be taught modern methods of farming. Those living in urbanized and semi-urbanized areas shall be encouraged to enroll at TESDA and other similar training institutions to enable them to acquire technical livelihood skills. The Provincial Government, through legislation, must grant financial assistance to those who enroll in technical livelihood courses. Entrepreneurs shall be granted tax exemptions to encourage them to put up small-scale businesses.

● Cause the enactment by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of appropriations for the improvement of barangay roads. Barangay roads, as much as possible, be made into concrete roads as these roads serve as farm-to-market-roads. Let’s give barangay residents a break by providing them good roads.

● Work for the protection of the environment, maintenance of peace and order and elimination of illegal activities (illegal logging, illegal fishing, illegal gambling, etc.).

● Assist the Department of Education in its efforts to provide quality education to our young people. The Special Education Fund (SEF) of the Province, which is equivalent to 1% of the realty tax, must be utilized for educational purposes.


Video clip of Ed Polistico 



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