Monday, May 17, 2010

Inopacan Fiesta 2010 marred by 2 incidents of killing - leaving 3 dead in town

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The people of Inopacan were shocked last night upon learning that 3 people died in two separate incidents while most of Inopacnons and their guests were celebrating the feast of St. IsidoreLito Morata allegedly stabbed to death two of their guests, one of whom was the former lover of his younger sister. While Totoy Balina was hacked to death by the brother of Aracelli (a.k.a. Black Jack) in BLISS housing.

In his Sunday morning first mass today, Msgr. Sabondo, the parish priest, shared in his homily that last night he saw people milling around the dead body of a male person lying on the ground along the San Vicente street in Brgy. Tinago. Fr. Sabundo who was then wandering around with his motorbike, stopped and checked it out, saw the dead body, and learned that the lifeless victim was stabbed to death over an old grudge.

From another source, it is learned that the suspect, Lito Morata, allegedly was harboring anger against the victim who allegedly was a former lover of the suspect's younger sister. It was gathered that the victim, along with four of his companions, dropped by at the house of the suspect to visit and join their fiesta celebration. Displeased by the presence of their guests, the suspect who was armed with a knife confronted the victim and his companion. Thus the start of the commotion and the victim was eventually knifed in the belly. The wounded victim managed to escape but the suspect chased him down the street until the victim fell on the ground, leaving behind a trail of blood from the house. Allegedly, one of the victim's companions was also stabbed to death when he attempted to meddle in the incident.

In BLISS housing, a separate hacking incident took place in the house of Aracelli, alyas Black Jack. People from BLISS were startled upon learning that Black Jack's alleged lover, Totoy Baliña, was hacked in the neck and head. It was learned later that the lone suspect was Black Jack's brother, who harbored ill feeling against the victim. The suspect allegedly was irked upon learning that his sister Black Jack was manhandled by Totoy Baliña over an issue of jealousy that night. When the suspect saw his sister having a bruise on her temple, he attacked and shouted at the victim “Romansaha na, ayaw ug kulataha!” (Make love with her, don't maul her!) while in the process of hacking the victim at the neck then at the head. The victim who was then treating the bruise on Black Jack’s temple was caught off guard by the sudden turn of events. One of Black Jack’s fingers was also amputated when the suspect gave that fatal hacking blow on the victim. Unsatisfied, the suspect allegedly even lunged the bolo several times into the side of the victim before leaving the scene of the crime.

Those who responded to rescue saw the injured Black Jack and the lifeless Totoy in a state of holding hands together, satirically described by Msgr. Sabondo as "till death do us part."


Sunday, May 16, 2010


MAIN PAGE: INOPACAN, LEYTE and the Inopacnons
We missed the Inong Pak-an Festival this year.

The 2008 and 2009 organizers of Inong Pak-an Festival failed to continue this year (2010) the festive showdown of commemorating the legendary origin of our town's name. Blamed it on the 2010 National and Local Election that culminated on May 10, or five days before the May 15 ecclesiastical town fiesta in honor to our patron saint, San Isidro Labrador. Everybody in town and in member barangays were too busy attending to the campaign sorties of their candidates.

I suppose, the newly elected council of Inopacan should establish the creation of a cultural and social committee to preserve and promote our cultural treasure and historical identity.

I even suggest the installation of a municipal museum and public library where all the literary works, relics, memorabilia of olden times and history about Inopacan and about us Inopacnons would be stored and preserved for perpetuity.

Or else, rust, termites, and loss of memory and references will vanish these treasures to oblivion.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Result of May 10, 2010 Local Election in Inopacan, Leyte

INOPACAN, LEYTE and the Inopacnons
The result of the May 10, 2010 local election in Inopacan, Leyte

Congratulations to our new set of local executive leader, his vice, and councilors.

May you uphold the true meaning and purpose on why the majority of Inopacnons have chosen you last Monday.

Your term to serve our town and townspeople is not long to last. It's what you will do in your term that would last forever.


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