Sunday, February 28, 2010


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Himokilan island's point of view from Brgy Guadalupe (Binitinan)

Himokilan Island – [Hindang, Leyte] *(n.) One of the islands of Cuatro Islas off the western coast of Leyte. This island looks like a giant shoe floating in the sea. It is the only island in Cuatro Islas that belongs to the municipal territory of Hindang.

The shoreline around the island has patches of white sandy beach and limestone cliffs. It is inhabited by the families of several fishermen who would trade their catch in the mainland. Due to the scarcity of supply of freshwater, the islanders built big cistern near their village to catch and store rainwater.

A view of Baysahas and Himokilan island from the Reclamation Area (Pasil)

Himokilan island is quite near to the mainland, in fact is the nearest island among the four islands of Cuatro Islas. One could cross the sea to reach the island by simply paddling a sakayan (fishing canoe) on a calm sea.



  1. hi, me and some of my friends are planning to visit your place this summer.We are so fascinated with some of the photos and reviews regarding cuatro islas. We have no relatives and friends here. Is there a decent place where we can check in ? Is there resorts in the island where we can stay? i would appreciate any info you can share.thanks gigi

  2. Please visit my Facebook group account: "Inopacan Literature," for some helpful info about visiting the cuatro islas.