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I sourced the following list of local candidates in Inopacan for this coming May 10, 2010 election, so the Inopacnons around the world will know who are running to vie for local political position in our hometown. (Thanks, Dovie)

The candidates under the ticket of incumbent administration are:

Janice A.Lloren - Mayor
Ben Lloren - Vice Mayor
Dominador Megias - Sangguniang Bayan (SB)
Atty.Hugo Kudera - (SB)
Atty. Epitacio "Pepe" Lloren - (SB)
Efren Sumabong - (SB)
Aida Balabat - (SB)
Casiana "Asing" Omapas - (SB)
Edito Navales Jr. - (SB)
Bobong Dolayba.- (SB)

The opposition line up has the following candidates:

Silvestre "Loloy" Lumarda - Mayor (incumbent vice mayor)
Jojo Pua - Vice Mayor
Lourdes Villas - (SB)
Andres Evangelista - (SB)
Diosdado Siao - (SB)
Romeo Buhi - (SB)
Ariel Chiong- (SB)
Ernesto "Tagoloy" Joseph - (SB)
Eufronio Manapsal - (SB)

The political arena looks like a fight between the Lloren clan and the incumbent vice mayor.

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