Saturday, April 9, 2011

Inopacan Fiesta 2011

May 15 - Pista sa Inopacan.

Some scenes of 2009 Inong-Pak-an Festival.

All photos by Edgie Polistico

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Unfortunately, the next showdown may not be for this year. There must be some good reasons why not this year.

Festival showcase like this would surely draw tourists to come in our town. It would help put our town in the map of tourist destinations. Job opportunities comes along in tourism. Opportunities that would help improve lives of Inopacnons and bring progress to Inopacan.

But several nights of dancing and night shows are lined up to enliven the fiesta celebration.- like the old time - beginning on May 11. May these nocturnal entertainment will not make people tired to go to church for early morning Ecclesiastical Mass.

Some of the festival activities this May 2011 include the following:
May 09 - Hiphop contest
May 10 - ____________
May 11 - SK night
May 12 - Mega Night Disco
May 13 - Live band show
May 14 - Coronation night for Miss Inopacan
May 15 - Concelebrated Mass - Misa sa lungsod alas 10:00 sa buntag. Ayaw kalimot pagtambong sa pinakamahinungdanon nga bahin sa kasaulogan sa pangilin ning atong lungsod.

An early morning Ecclesiastical Mass held in the Inopacan Parish Church during the town fiesta.

May 16 - Liwas na! Daghan mag-picnic sa dagat. Kita-kita sa Badoy beach, Reclamation (Pasil), Baysahas, Da Art, Balintong beach, Villa Editha, Digyo island....bisan asa basta may dagat. Picnic by the seaside is the popular Inopacnon post festival habit. Mao ni gitawag og "panghugas sa salin sa pista" kay ang mga bawon salin-salin na man lang sa pista. Unya hugasan og tagay yuna hugasan ang imong "kuan" diha sa dagat. LOL!

This coming May 14 and 15 is on Saturday and Sunday.
What a chance...grab it!

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