Saturday, August 20, 2016

Motocross - another more fun in Inopacan and the rest of western Leyte

Photo credit to Facebook account of Kin B Picson.
Now we began to crawl the foot of Inopacan mountains.

Next time, with the help of more sponsors and support from our LGU officers, Inopacan will start to bring tourists to upper grounds from the seas of Cuatro Islas.

We have now another more fun in Inopacan.

Photo credit to Facebook account of Kin B Picson.

Thanks Kin B Picson for inspiring Inopacnons to motocross sport. Keep it up and congratulations.

Photo credit to Facebook account of Kin B Picson.

I agree with the good intentions why this sport is introduced in our place. 

MBIH us inviting good-hearted people and organizations to help finance and support the development of motocross in western Leyte. 

Photo credit to Facebook account of Kin B Picson.

This will help divert our young bloods from vices and evils of illegal drugs. 

It will also boost local tourism in Inopacan and neighboring towns.

MBIH (Matalom-Bato-Inopacan-Hindang) group of racers is organizing a monthly series of motocross race in western Leyte at least once or twice a month. 

Photo credit to Facebook account of Kin B Picson.
Here's an echo message of Kin B Picson's post to me: "Mao na campaign sa amo team MBIH (Matalom, Bato, Inopacan, Hilongos) nga nagpaduwa me og series sa motocross every month naa me one or twice a race para mapalayo ang mga batan-on sa mga lain og daotan nga binuhatan... para ma inspire pud sila aron maningkamot, og naa pud desidido magpatudlo namo willing me kaayo na mutudlo nila aron ma divert ang ila attention sa daotan... hinaot unta ko nga naa pud mu-sponsor sa amo team by financial."


Photo credit to Facebook account of Kin B Picson.
See more Facebook photos and video clips of MBIH (Matalom, Bato, Inopacan, Hindang) motocross HERE

What can you say about this. Write your thoughts in the comment, below.

 All photos in this post are from the Facebook account of Kin B Picson

See more photos and video clips in Kin B. Picson's Facebook photo albums HERE 
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