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Do you know Indong Bangka?

Fishing boats idling at the mouth (delta) of Inopacan River in
the Reclamation Area (Pasil), Inopacan, Leyte.

This is where the legendary story of Indong Bangka was unfolded

All photos by Edgie Polistico - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Inopacan has many legendary stories to tell. Aside from Inong Pak-an, let me also reintroduce to you the extraordinary power of "Indong Bangka," known as the Samson of Inopacan. He was known to have an extraordinary strength that people resorted to his help when there is a need to lift a huge boulder, timber, machine, etc.. He became well known in our town early before the World War II broke out. He became famous after one day all the people in town kept on wondering who caused the bangka (big passenger boat) that ran aground for several days to have it floating back to sea in the middle of the night. The mysterious incident occurred at the mouth of the Inopacan River, or that portion between Pasil (now reclamation area) and Badoy Beach. By word of mouth, the news spread like wildfire about a big boat that was carried single-handedly by Indong himself in the middle of the night. Because big boat is called "bangka" in our town, it was then that people started calling Indong as "Indong Bangka."

There were some narration from our old folks that Indong also helped carry or lift huge timber (troso) in some house construction, and he did it also at night. It's uncertain if the darkness of the night had something to do with his extraordinary strength or simply he was just too shy to show it off.

If you know some stories about Indong Bangka or some details as to who was the owner of the boat, what was the name of the boat, where Indong used to live, his family, his epic in life, etc. & etc., please share it here so the people around the world would know and became interested about Inopacan and us Inopacnons.

This would also help preserve the unwritten stories and history in our town. Somehow this literary compilation of Inopacan's past would be our valuable legacy to our children and future generations.

Felix Perandos sent me the following:

Edgie, you might not so familiar with me but i know your father well. Back home, im more known to as "Elfix" rather than Felix. Youngest son of Crispen Compendio Perandos & Queteria Payot Beltran from Pasil, Sto Rosario. I used to be the school artist (taga-himo mga charts & evrything sa I.I. before, hence i was exempted in Experiments, hehehe) I'm fond of drawings & commercial arts, T-shirt printing, cards, etc. I'm currently working as AutoCAD optr and as a Sales Engr.

I loved hearing stories like this ever since i was a kid. Mostly, we hear them during early nights near the seashore while we're waiting for the fishermen.

Well, i've heard some stories about Indong Bangka before from my neighbor fisher-folks in Pasil area. Some says that the reason why Indong" did his feats mostly at night because he has some secrets. They suspected that he uses improvised levers, pulleys, rollers & the likes in moving grounded bancas, timbers other heavy objects just like how the Ancient Egyptians build their great Pyramids. It was'nt confirmed though before because they never actually saw him or had any evidences to challenge Indong's reputation & strength. So the legend still stands through the times.

It was told that he has a relative or let's say,a "descendant" in the name of Hermogenes Dominisi or "noy Mohing" in vernacular. He used to live near the Place of Justin Espinosa (Beside the Industrial Arts Bldg of Inopacan Central School, going to the Slaughterhouse (Abattoir) of Inopacan. I personally knew the man & he's very strong too. He can almost single-handedly carry the whole (fishing net) locally known as "Baling" at one end against 3 or 4 men at the other end of the carriage.His wife,nang Persing used to sell "native Nilugaw" (landang) very bulky body & walks just like the incredible Hulk in the movie.

There was allegedly another, relative of Indong in the name of "Tiago" but unfortunately, i never really have much story to tell about him except that he used to lived near Pasil Area near the mouth of Inopacan River... Thanks!


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