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IGF must register with SEC as Charitable Institution

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Yesterday morning (at 11:00 AM to be exact on 08 June 2011), I received a text message from Mr. Boy Luego asking me to comment about the Inopacan Global Family (IGF) and his dinner meeting with Mayor Loloy Lumarda in Inopacan last 14 May 2011 wherein they talked about the story of Inopacan and the promotion of tourism in our Cuatro Islas. He also asked me to help in the rehabilitation of the erstwhile Inopacan Institute.

I thanked him for making me that important, for asking my thoughts about the IGF and the projects they were discussing about. Boy is one of my FB friends for quite some time around. His being Luego gave me hint that he is related to the Luego’s I met before in town (that include Cris Luego my old next-door-neighbor, playmate and classmate in Inopacan Elementary School), and to some Luego’s I met in some of my travels in Cebu. I found that Boy is actually now in Consolacion, Cebu. This guy first called my attention when he followed some of my blogs that include "Inopacan, Leyte and the Inopacnons" and the "Inopacan Institute" where he left some flattering comments.

I promised Boy to pop him a message here in FB. Thus, I could not go to bed now bringing my collected thoughts in my sleep on how could I address the topics he brought up in his text message.

I strongly recommend to the organizers of the IGF to duly register your group as a charitable institution in the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines, its counterpart abroad (such as in the US) for the IGF to enjoy the following: 1) To have a juridical body that would perpetuate the existence of your group even after you are gone. 2) The juridical body, being distinct and separate from the persons composing it, can readily transact on its own such as to receive many and huge donations from various sponsors without worrying who will keep and audit the money among yourselves. 3) Finally, charity institutions enjoys break of some sort of tax exemptions. This means more money for the operation and to give to the beneficiaries. So start looking now who will fill the list of directors.

Operating a charitable institutions in the Philippines is subject to several regulations as required by the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). You must first register with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) either in its main office at SEC Building, EDSA , Greenhills, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines (across POEA or EDSA Shrine) or at its SEC Branch Office near the area where the charitable organization will be established (SEC Extension office in Cebu City is at SEC Bldg., V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe, Cebu City. Tel. No. (032) 255-2874; (032) 253-5337; (032) 253-6987)

Applications for registration with SEC are then forwarded to the Standards Bureau of the DSWD or the DSWD Field Office for evaluation of the purposes of the institution and assessment of the merit of its programs and projects.

If the entity’s Articles of Incorporation, objectives, programs and services are within the purview of social welfare and do not violate existing policies, the DSWD Standards Bureau or the DSWD Field Office will endorse your application to the SEC and to DSWD for a license. Otherwise, it will suggest a review or revision or refer your application to appropriate agencies.

Your institution will also file an application with the DSWD in order to be credited as a social welfare and development (SWD) agency by submitting an information sheet and a certified true copy of the SEC Registration with Articles of Incorporation and Constitution and by-Laws. DSWD will then conduct its assessment and issue corresponding Certificate of Registration usually within 2-3 working days. If the institution is considered as a social work agency, it is required to proceed with the licensing and accreditation assessment within 1 year after the date of registration.

For more information, contact the DSWD Standards Bureau at (632) 931-3181 or (632) 951-7125 or send an e-mail to

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