Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inopacan needs a place to conserve historical treasures

Let’s not forget the relics of time. They are like old wines; the more aged it is, the better it becomes.

Thus, we need a place to store old Inopacan treasures for the next generations to behold and be informed of stories and things of the past. A dedicated place is needed for old things to keep its existence, and for every one to see them forever.

An antique or vintage kerosene lamp owned by an Inopacnon. Photo credit to Boy Luego's FB account

Thus, Inopacan needs to have its own museum or sort of conservation. As what I’ve said in one of my previous blogs, I wish Inopacan would have its own municipal museum and public library where all the literary works,  relics, memorabilia of olden times and history about Inopacan and about us Inopacnons would be stored and conserved for perpetuity. 

Or else, rust, termites, and loss of memory and references will vanish these treasures to oblivion.

He who does not look back will never know how far he have gone - but what to look back at when old things are no longer there anymore?

Kayog/kajog, an old tool used in harvesting rice in Inopacan. Photo credit to Boy Luego's FB account

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